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Does your school have videoconferencing capabilities? Not sure? Ask your school's IT director or the person at your school who helps you with your computers. If your school does have videoconferencing capabilities, you can schedule a 50-minute, live Virtual Field Trip with The National WWII Museum.

Today's televisions, computers, and cell phones can all trace their origins to technological advancements realized during WWII. Other facets of our modern lives owe a debt to WWII, too: modern building materials, ways of teaching and learning, even the way your supermarket stocks its shelves. Students explore a top ten (and a bottom five) list of WWII science and technology and then work in teams to complete a creative design project.

Appropriate for grades 7-12 social studies and science classes. Cost: $100. Pre- and post-program curriculum materials included.

For more information or to schedule this Virtual Field Trip:
email or call 504-527-6012, x 351.

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